Adam Mattivi is a Denver Colorado based photographer and video producer. Adam has a centrally located studio in the heart of Denver where he is able to capture many distinctive shots and as a native, he is able to locate unique Colorado scenery that goes beyond expectations.

Adam has been photographing people, places, and everything else in between for more than 10 years. He loves what he does and is thankful to be able to do it for a living. Creating outstanding work for clients seeking something elegant, artistic, emotional and special is his desire above all else.

Adam's photography combines technical proficiency, captivating lighting techniques, style, intuition, and his unique artistic sensitivities. Whether it's an inquisitive expression caught in the moment, a fashion shot that explodes the eye, a heartfelt emotion, or outrageous new style, he goes about his chosen passion and profession with enthusiastic energy. Adams's natural compassion for people helps him capture his subjects in an unguarded, comfortable manner so that the best photographs are taken. He has a desire to not only take the best shots, but also the desire to provide his clients with exactly what they want. This can be seen by the amount of time that Adam spends communicating with his clients.

email: adam@adammattivi.com